Now let’s look at some interesting facts about Internet T365 casinos.

The first online casino was InterCasino (based in Antigua) which was launched in August of 1996. At the beginning there were eighteen games on offer. Most online game websites are not connected with land-based casinos. The reason is simply – “regular” facilities don’t want to get involved with Internet business which to some extent is taking away their profits. This situation is changing slowly and at present some casinos have their own webpages. Online casinos T365 are not bound by any safety standards or regulations.

Online poker is essential part of Internet T365 casinos.

PlanetPoker, the first online poker webpage, was launched in 1998. This game was always popular but in 2003 the number of online poker webpages increased immensely. It was connected with the fact World Series of Poker became popular TV show.

Online casinos are profitable undertakings. It is estimated that in 2006 they’ve earned $15,2 billion. In 2010 this amount increased and reached 29.3 billion. 

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